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"Building Commercial Web Sites For The Internet Highway"

Who We Are:

Who is Arrow Eagle Productions, Inc. ... ?

What experience does your firm have... ?

What do you charge ... ?

How long does it  take... ?

How do I get started... ?

What about guarantees ...?

Why should you use our firm ...?

Our General Policy...?


Who is Arrow Eagle Productions, Inc. ... ?

Bolt Eagle Productions, Inc. is a little, family-possessed and autonomous firm; settled in 1996. We ended up plainly consolidated in 2002. We are based out of Lewes, Delaware, USA (First city in the main state). We make business sites, utilizing Flash, Html, Dhtml, Java, CGI Scripts, ASP, Active X, and projects, for example, Dream Weaver and Macromedia Flash. We assemble both for Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. We additionally plan logos, and make specific web illustrations. Our organization is not in light of tremendous benefits, and accordingly accepts, that you don't need to spend a little fortune to have an intelligent business site.

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What experience does your firm have ... ?

Notwithstanding our own webpage, we created destinations for a Mobile Home Brokerage Firm, a New Rock and Roll band, a Medical Products Co., four Restaurants, A vast Art Gallery, An Art Studio, a Large Day Care Center, a Volleyball Training Center. We are building site's for an Artist, a Catering Business, and another organization represent considerable authority in items to make your life easier. We are likewise proprietors of Delaware Beach Resorts. We have likewise made illustrations or potentially logos for Real Estate firms, designers, little stores, eateries, and little individual organizations, for example, Sierra Moon, Serenity, Inc., and others.

We are proud members of the HTML Writers Guild, Microsoft Site Builders Network, Java Developer's Connection, and the
International Webmaster's Association.

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What do you charge ... ?

Our charges extend from $ 995.00 to $ 1,995.00 relying upon the measure of the site. We require one-half in advance and the adjust inside 10 days after the webpage is online. E-Commerce, and in addition facilitating, and Internet Merchant Account expenses are not included. Monthly support charges run from $ 25.00 to $ 50.00.

Different charges by outside sources might be required. See ouWEB FEES Page. One little note: Since our charges are so low, if go to your area is required, we should be repaid for expenses. Such as Travel and Motel Room (if overnight is required). Our travel and stay will be in the most prudent way conceivable.

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            How long does it take to have the site up and running ... ?

After preparatory conference, and relying upon the span of the site, and regardless of whether we put the site up on the HSP (Host Service Provider) while it is still under development, in as meager time as 10 days. However, normal time for the site to go on line is between 2 - 4 weeks. In any case, last fruition of the site may take over four weeks; again relying upon size, content and whether the site has E-business.

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How long does it take to get started ... ?

This will really depend on you.   A major amount of the preparatory work can be accomplished via phone, e-mail, or regular mail.  If all goes well, we can have the concept and basics worked out in a matter of a few days.

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What kind of guarantees do I get ... ?

We guarantee our work.  It is a very simple guarantee.  

"Click Here" - To Read Our Guarantee

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Why should you use our firm ... ?

Unless your supreme sure that exclusive an expansive understood firm can assemble your site, at that point you deserve it and your organization fiscally, to give us a chance to demonstrate to you that we can fabricate it also or better as the bigger firms who charge anyplace from $ 5,000 to $ 50,000 plus. These bigger firms need to charge the higher expenses, after all they have high overheads. By and by, we feel that attempting to fabricate your own site with a specific end goal to spare cash is somewhat similar to the respondent procuring himself as his legal counselor. No! We won't get accounts like AT&T, Ford and others,

in any case, for most firms were prepared, proficient and willing to carry out the employment.


"Click Here" - To Read Our 10 Reasons, why you should use
our firm.

Our Company's Policy ... ?

It is our organization approach to advance the general development of the Internet, while keeping the expenses for both people in general and general organizations at a sensible level. It is our conviction that the Internet will inevitably be essentially worked for and by organizations; while leaving space for the individual client to express either their thoughts or masterful abilities. By and by, there will come a day where the free landing page (for good or awful) will progress toward becoming obsolete. We trust that all website admins

have a commitment to encourage and elevate organizations to end up as fruitful as could reasonably be expected, and in doing as such, must commit

themselves to genuineness and general integrity. This is the reason our firm backings bunches like the HTML Writer's Guild and The International Webmaster's Association. We trust that the Internet ought to act naturally controlled and be free of absurd government influence. Nevertheless, in spite of the fact that we bolster the right to speak freely and the privilege to be heard by all people, we don't bolster E-Mail SPAM, Web Sites that advance loathe or narrow mindedness, or different causes that are negative to the general open great.


Thank you for taking the time to read this!

R. L. Lamb, Owner/Founder
Copyright � [Arrow Eagle Productions, Inc.]. All rights reserved.
Revised: January 19, 2006.

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